Report on ‘Community Climate Hub: Edinburgh & Lothians? YOUR IDEAS’ on 16/02/21

The full summary Report of the event is available here: 

First steps towards establishing a coalition of organisations in or around Edinburgh were taken at this event.  Connections were made and ideas for the shape of any such collaboration were shared. We explored how to engage others in tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

After the Scottish Government signalled the ending of the Climate Challenge Fund in 2022, an urgent question came up: What will replace it?  Cabinet Secretary Roseanna Cunningham MSP has proposed “Community Climate Hubs” and “Climate Action Towns”. In this session, 27 SCCAN members explored this idea further and discussed what would help their organisations.

Recognising a necessary shift for a just and green transition post-pandemic, the voice of civil society bodies is needed in helping guide the Short Life Delivery Board to be announced shortly.

In his introductory provocation, David spoke about contrasting approaches taken – some with a distinct Climate focus / some more general about community action: Fife Communities Climate Action Network and their Climate Action Fife programme. Is this the model? or is Our Future Leeds or maybe Community Action Groups Oxfordshire more appropriate? Julian Holbrook, who worked with FifeCCAN, shared insights about their approach and models.

26 participants joined the event. The participants shared their ideas in breakout groups – exploring preferences for what comes next for the communities in Edinburgh & Lothians. We registered what people think about:

  • Ways to get other organisations collaborating on tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergency alongside their own primary work
  • The ideal scale for the extent of a local Hub
  • The organisations that should be approached to establish any local coalition

We captured these ideas in our online harvesting document to share with other community-led groups in Edinburgh & Lothians and with colleagues in Scottish Government.

We hope that these conversations help reflect the voices of civil society bodies in response to the proposed Community Climate Hubs.  They will strengthen the links between local groups and communities under a common goal: a just and green transition that prioritises tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergency ensuring appropriate resources and opportunities for our communities to take action. 

Several participants mentioned the coming “What Next?” Summit 3-20 March organised by Transition – Bounce Forward and CTRLshift.  This will use Nudj – a powerful networking tool to enable people to establish viral networks of individuals, groups and networks – sign up now!