Report on Preston Model: Going Local event with Dr Julian Manley

Here is the video of Julian Manley’s 20 minute presentation to our lively session on 21 July 2020. 

70 participants heard Julian Manley share his experience of how he has worked closely with Cllr Matthew Brown, Leader of Preston City Council, and other stakeholders since 2012 in facilitating the development of what’s known as the ‘Preston Model’. Watch video here.

He described how Preston is going local / actively regenerating by keeping wealth created in the city. The Preston Model engenders democracy and participation – building on community wealth building work in the USA.  Its existence depends on people – and people are different everywhere. So, the idea is to ignite ideas that work for people in different places.

The breakout discussions generated practical ideas for the application of these ideas to real life economic, social and climate challenges facing communities in Scotland.  Read the full report here.

This follows the earlier session – Dr Katherine Trebeck on Wellbeing Economy / Amsterdam City Doughnut held on 25 June 2020.  Full report here.

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