Report on Wellbeing Economy / Amsterdam City Doughnut with Katherine Trebeck

Here is the video of Katherine Trebeck’s 15 minute presentation to our lively session on 25 June 2020. 

250+ people registered for Katherine’s session and half that number participated.  For those that missed it see her short provocation that set the scene for 15 breakout groups.  These are all captured in a Report at

SUMMARY:  Wellbeing Economy / Amsterdam City Doughnut
with Katherine

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Katherine Trebeck shared her experience with the Wellbeing Economic Model and talked about the Amsterdam City Doughnut.  Katherine has been championingan economy that delivers social justice, good lives, vibrant communities and which protects the planet for many years with her work.

Following Katherine’s brilliant presentation, the participants moved to 15 breakout rooms where we held virtual round-table discussions on Wellbeing Economics.  Facilitators from the host organisations welcomed the participants and managed the exchange of questions, answers, concerns, ideas and solutions regarding the application of the Amsterdam City Doughnut to several levels of agency, from the household to the country. 

On sharing the ideas emerging in the Plenary again, people were clear that restless Globalism undermines community resilience and that a transition to new localism is required to bring positive results. More agency given to the communities through taxation and incentives, local funding and a healthy balance between export and import were among the changes and practical solutions that people manifested an urge to see and experience in a new economy. 

While countries around the world slowly recover from the Covid-19 crisis, there was a real appetite for implementing these changes through participatory democracy processes. International examples from recovery programmes and collaborations with governments institutions such as the ones in Hawaii and Holland were suggested as good role models. However, it’s important to choose the right toolkits and bring Wellbeing Economy models and theories together, bridging the gaps. Full Report at:

Both the response to this event and feedback were incredibly positive and though not easy to achieve in online events, at the end the energy behind the screen was palpable. Many thanks to Katherine for sharing her knowledge, her elegance with words and to every participant, facilitator and organiser who made this session a successful exchange. ⧫ 

And thank you to those who supported the event. Donations going to FoE Scotland, Wellbeing Economics Alliance, SEDA, SCCAN and Transition Edinburgh.