Report on ‘Widening Participation in Community Climate Action’

This was a first, tentative exploration of how our network can individually and collectively reach out to engage with those not often heard and so achieve greater diversity & inclusion. 22 people from all over Scotland participated, of the 32 who registered.  

You can read the full report and details of the discussion in the breakout rooms here.

The focus was on finding who we need to reach out to; and ways in which we can do this to increase widespread participation in society. 

We reflected on the link between climate change and climate justice.  Links with other movements were mentioned including anti-racist movements such as Black Lives Matter.  Education has a key role to play so that people know the colonial history behind it and can make decisions based on this.  If we could change this then there could be a paradigm shift in responses to climate change in Scotland. 

We recognised that participation is often from white, middle class individuals; so ideas were discussed how to change this? Social Justice is the most important framing to address these problems. Sociocracy was discussed as a means of decision making through working and welcoming circles.  We shared ideas in breakout groups and recorded people’s thoughts on:

     1.  Who we are not reaching and why? … and 2.  How can we reach these groups?

We captured these ideas in our online harvesting document to share with other community led groups across Scotland, and with colleagues in Scottish Government. We hope that these conversations help reflect the voices of civil society in response to these challenges.  They will strengthen the links between local groups and communities under a common goal: a Just and Green Recovery that prioritises tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergency – ensuring appropriate resources and opportunities enabling our communities to take action.