SCVO’s Step by Step guide to finding funding is a good place to start. Read this and then register with their online database of funds, Funding Scotland

SCCAN members can apply for the Community Learning Exchange 2021/22, administered by the Scottish Community Alliance, for support on study visits and more.

Our own Funding Routemap was written in 2013 but is still very relevant and useful tool for new and established groups.

The National Lottery funds place-based community climate action projects across the UK through the Climate Action Fund. The Fund has £100 million available for the decade between 2019 and 2029. To encourage Scottish participation in this fund SCCAN organised an online Info and Brainstorm session on the 14th November 2019. You can watch the replay of the session here to hear of project ideas and important points to consider when applying.

Accelerate (formerly Enterprise Accelerator), also administered by Scottish Community Alliance, supports groups starting their first income generating projects.

An overview of the Climate Action Fund criteria is below. You can also download the slides for your further use by clicking on the slide image.

Climate Action Fund project ideas and Requests for collaboration

PROJECT IDEA 1: A Greener Melrose (Borders)

Description: We want a Scottish Borders-wide feasibility study carried out to identify existing examples of, and further opportunities and challenges for, a circular economy and sustainable development. (Some useful links: Circular economy:; Sustainable development:

If you can help A Greener Melrose with this project idea and know an expert on feasibility studies please get in touch with John Mclennan at:

PROJECT IDEA 2: Ecodrama (Glasgow)

Who We Are: Eco Drama is an environmentally focused Children’s Theatre Company working in school and community settings, theatres and festivals across Glasgow, Scotland and the UK.  We are passionate about making work which brings communities together, encourages greater awareness of nature and reminds us we are part of an amazing living planet. Our work explores how we can use the power of the arts to inspire, support and empower people of all ages to re-imagine their relationship to the world around them and take positive, practical action in their communities that benefit both people and the natural environment.

The Project: Eco Drama is planning a 3 year community led project 2021-2024 titled ‘The Forgotten Orchard Project’. Years 1 and 2 will focus its main activities in the area of Pollok in the south of Glasgow, and year 3, in school communities across North Lanarkshire. At present these are our working locations for funding applications, based on existing relationships in these areas. However, depending on partnerships and opportunities to develop the project, the work could be replicated and add value to any existing orchard planting or food growing project happening in any community across Scotland or the UK. The Forgotten Orchard Project will connect children, young people and wider communities to their national, regional and local orchard heritage. Through a unique programme of creative arts and cultural engagement activities, combined with practical growing activities, the project aims to reconnect communities with nature and Scotland’s rich orchard legacy, improve landscapes for people and nature, and celebrate the cultural traditions of fruit tree growing. Ultimately, it aims to give people increased food security through the planting of school and community orchards. The main activities will be the delivery of creative, cultural activities by Eco Drama, including orchard storytelling workshops and theatre performances of our 4 star theatre production The Forgotten Orchard, a theatre show dedicated to Scottish heritage apples and their fascinating history.  The production engages and inspires children, young people and wider communities in the cultural traditions of Scotland’s orchard heritage and inspires people to grow their own. With people’s hearts and mind engaged in the value of Scottish orchards, we will then deliver, in collaboration with horticulturists, practical growing activities including planting school and community orchards and raised beds with local edible plants, helping people to connect with nature in their daily lives and improving landscapes in their local communities. The intergenerational theme of the theatre show and embedded community led activities will bring together young and old to take inspired action together, strengthening the value of the shared community assets, and ensuring a lasting legacy that can be passed on to future generations.

Further Information: Eco Drama website: The Forgotten Orchard production: Orchard Work in Schools: Previous Community Orchard Experience:

If you would like to work together with Eco Drama on this project please get in touch with Emily Reid: