Resources -tools & guides

A range of resources that SCCAN has commissioned or developed or which have involved SCCAN members. 

Using case studies from SCCAN members, Shifting Normal uses the ISM model of understanding how behaviour change happens to help guide the design of more successful community projects.




Are We Ready?’ is a resource developed by SCCAN in conjunction with
Adaptation Scotland. All the resources you need to run a short workshop to get any group in your community starting to talk about climate change and how we can become more resilient.




Community projects often need to work closely with their Local Authority. This can be challenging for both sides. This report commissioned by SCCAN is a very helpful guide to establishing successful partnership working. There is also this ‘top tips‘ summary.




A Compass of Resilience provides a framework for understanding and starting to assess and prioritise action for a community to become more resilient. An online tool and set of downloadable resources for running community workshops.