Response to the Climate Change Bill Consultation

We have just submitted our response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on their proposed new Climate Change Bill.

You can read our response here: SCCAN CC Bill Consultation Response

Our view is that climate science and climate justice require Scotland to set a target of net-zero GHG emissions well before 2050. We are calling for a new political narrative that emphasises well-being over consumption, which highlights the positive opportunities to be gained by decarbonising our economy and which puts in place the supporting policy and physical infrastructure to unleash and empower community action.

As well as being a major challenge, Climate Change is also a huge opportunity to rethink the purpose of the economy and create a new political narrative focussed on wellbeing and creating a nation of empowered citizens and communities in line with the SCCAN vision. If we stop confusing ends with means we can move away from an obsession with the mantra of ‘sustainable economic growth’ and design an economy suited to one planet living that can regenerate our communities as well as our environment. A bold Climate Change Bill will create jobs, improve health and reduce poverty at home whilst ensuring that Scotland plays its part in limiting climate change globally.

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