SCCAN Away Day

On 24th of September, SCCAN Circle members gathered around their laptops and tablets to re-think and re-tell the SCCAN’s story. During an intensive and inspiring Away Day, thoughtfully planned by Paul, Eva and Joana, Circle members took part in several activities that, between fantasy and reality, would bring conclusions about the challenges and opportunities we face.

Paul, our brilliant Story Weaver, started by asking members to produce their own little short story book about the present and future of SCCAN and to visualize their own character in it. While some chose to create this story as a metaphor or a fairy tale, others were more pragmatic in answering questions about the best foreseeable future of our organization. However, all our stories had common goals and ideals, and now we must work to bring them into reality.

The members then gathered into three Circles to reflect upon the purpose of each Circle, the challenges, solutions and their feelings about different tasks within the Circle. It was a way to get to know each other better and to not only consider different ways of delegating according to each Member’s strength, but also to pave the way for new members.

We are very grateful to our members and to everyone who has made SCCAN grow. And how about the new people we want to welcome in our Network? Moving back into the fantasy realm, members identified groups we would like work with by comparing them with mythical folk characters and by brainstorming on how to reach these potential allies.

We finished our Away Day with a wonderful debate using the ancient Way of Council method. Climate Action is at the deepest core of our work but in our quest to empower communities we will need to go further and embrace other challenges such as social justice to fully support our allies.

Thank you everyone for coming to the Away Day and for your valuable contributions.

We are looking forward to translating our stories and conversations into a positive change for SCCAN and we want to have you in this journey with us.