Scotland 2030

Scottish Government’s Greener Scotland website has recently added a resource that it describes as

“A view of Scotland in 2030 that shows how the changes we’re making together can help create a cleaner, greener, healthier and fairer country for all.

Tell us where you live to experience a day in 2030. Watch and choose what you want to know more about (by clicking ‘add to plan’). At the end you’ll get a plan of actions to help you start creating a greener lifestyle”

It’s a kind of interactive video: tell it whether you live in a city, suburb or rural setting and it starts to play a video. At certain points in the video, you’re invited to add information about – for example – low carbon heating to your Plan.

Could be useful as an engaging tool to use with individuals or groups of people in your community? It’s always good to have a variety of tools in your box…

Check it out here: