Scotland’s Climate Assembly – observe the first weekend 7th & 8th Nov

You can observe the first weekend 7th & 8th Nov of Scotland’s Climate Assembly here:

The first meeting of Scotland’s Climate Assembly will begin online on the 7th November. Grounded in Scotland’s Climate Change Act (2019), the Assembly brings together over 100 people from across Scotland, who are broadly representative of Scotland’s population.

The Assembly Members will learn about climate change, deliberate on how it should be tackled, and then make recommendations answering the question: How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?’

At the end of the deliberation process the Assembly will make recommendations to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government.

Getting involved

While a representative 100 people will make up the Assembly, the whole of Scotland is invited to engage. Our recent online engagement gathered over 1200 ideas and comments. You can read the suggestions here.

If you would like to observe this weekend’s meeting, you can find the details here .

If you would like to observe other weekend meetings of the Assembly, please complete this short form

Each weekend, the presentations made to the Assembly Members will be made available on their website   . Tune in for a crash course in climate change from global leaders in the field. 

All this in light of Justin’s opinion of the whole process as not fit for purpose in recent post following his and Kate Dyer’s withdrawal as Extinction Rebellion Scotland delegates to the Stakeholder Group. If Citizens Assemblies are the way forward, why is XR no longer endorsing the Scottish Governments Climate Citizens Assembly?

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