Scottish Communities CAN – join us!

front-page001Scottish Communities Climate Action Network is a network of community groups and organisations. Our aim is to empower and enable communities to create a low carbon future, and promote local resilience and well-being.

Membership is free, and is open to all constituted, community groups in Scotland taking action on climate change. To join now, simply complete this simple form. We provide a network for mutual support, a shared vision and voice, create opportunities for partnership working and work to tackle the barriers and challenges that community groups taking action on climate change face.

We believe that communities have a unique and crucial role in shaping and creating a sustainable, low-carbon future for Scotland. Indeed, that creating sustainable places for us each to live and work is what this is all about. The efforts of government, public sector organisations, businesses, third sector and community organisations all need to be aligned and focussed on enabling the development of sustainable and resilient, low-carbon communities.

Membership will allow you to join and support the community of communities taking action on climate change and give you the opportunity to:

  • Network with other communities to share experience, learning and vision
  • Join our task groups building paths to better partnerships and channels of communication with businesses, local authorities and Government
  • Nominate and elect a steering group to facilitate and shape our work
  • Help organise activities, events and get-togethers to open up this forum to the communities it exists to support