Steering Group

The Steering Group is made up of between six and 13 members. Up to 10 are elected volunteers from among the Member community groups. Representatives of up to three Associate members – organisations that support community groups – are co-opted by the elected Members.

[table ]

Member, Project, Position

Philip Revell, Sustaining Dunbar, Chair

Pat Abel, Transition Edinburgh South / Edible Edinburgh, Membership

Harriet Cross, COMAS, Communications

Jean-Matthieu Gaunand, ELREC,

Eva Schonveld, Transition Scotland, (co-opted Associate)

David Somervell, Transition Edinburgh / Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation,




If you would like to join the steering group or one of the task groups, please get in touch with Philip, Suzy or another member of the Steering Group, or email info(at)