‘Stories For Change’ Workshop on 15th September

On Tuesday 15th September we ran the first of our EDSC supported Stories For Change workshops, in which a group of us spent a whole day together exploring and crafting personal stories of community led climate action.

We heard stories of communal living, of bike riding, of feeling overwhelmed by climate change, of escaping back to nature…even a creation myth featuring an ancient Aztec Goddess. And each of these, rooted in the notion of making positive change where it’s possible.

Everyone in our group embraced the opportunity to take some time and think about how they tell and share their own story and think about how it can be told to inspire change in others. I’ve run these groups lots of different times, and the best part is always seeing how people support one another to share  – I think it’s fair to say everyone finished the day with a greater appreciation of their own story.

And this is exactly the power of stories, the currency of change – if we give ourselves permission to stop and listen, to recognise that everyone has a contribution to make and to understand that we change the narrative one story at a time. So the more we tell, the better.

Our second Stories for Change workshop is running on Tuesday 22nd September. You can register here: https://22septstories4change.eventbrite.co.uk

You will be able to hear the stories created and recorded at the Stories for Change workshop on the 1000 Better Stories podcast later this month.