Storytellers Collective

The Storytellers Collective is an emerging group of Scotland-based storytellers who are using their creativity to amplify stories of community-led climate action. We have the ambition to engage wider audiences in conversations around their concrete visions for a beautiful, irresistible change that can inspire our communities around Scotland.

For more info on the collective, contact Story Weavers Joana & Kaska at



Storytelling Mini-Grants

Are you a podcaster, writer, storyteller, videographer interested in sharing positive community climate action and justice stories? SCCAN is offering 10 mini-grants of a maximum £250 each to 10 projects focused on climate action and climate justice from storytellers who want to contribute to the collective. 

This is a rolling application and the new deadline for 2022/23 will be announced soon (podcasts or blog stories must at least be submitted for publication).  Meanwhile, you can apply, filling in our submission form now.

What will we fund?

🎧 Podcast episodes – to be published in 1000 Better Stories

📝 Short stories/non-fiction reportage and creative non-fiction to be published in 1000 Better Stories blog

🛠  Workshops on narrative-based  skills and strategies for climate communication aimed at SCCAN members (preferably resulting in a specific output by participants)

👾 Other formats are also welcome! Short films? A play? A game? Mixed media? Comic? Tell us all about it!


Your proposal must include:

💚 Community-led Climate Action

💚 Social Justice

And at least 1 of these topics:

💚 About/involving SCCAN members

💚 Engaging less heard communities/Giving voice to underrepresented communities (geographically, socially, young people)

If you’re not sure if your idea is a good fit for the collective or need help with the application form please get in touch with Story Weaver Joana Avi-Lorie at for a chat.

We look forward to hearing your amazing stories.