The Home Heating Fund, helping to warm your home

The Home Heating Fund is a project which utilises government mandated grant funding to supply and install new oil and LPG boilers in domestic properties occupied by those at risk of fuel poverty across England, Wales and Scotland.

Since starting the project in 2016, the Home Heating Fund have supplied and installed boiler upgrades to over 70 homes completely free of charge. This not only reduces residents fuel bills up to 40%* but also reduces their carbon footprint.

To be eligible for a free boiler upgrade the claimant must:

  • Be in receipt of benefits including; Pension Guarantee Credit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Child and Working tax credit, or Universal credit- For Child tax credit, Work tax credit and Universal credit; eligibility will depend on claimant’s income 
  • Be either a home owner or a private tenant 
  • Possess an inefficient Oil or LPG boiler


Should you or a member of your community qualify for a boiler upgrade, then the first step of the process is to fill out a very simple Qualifying checklist and Data Match form. The Data Match form gives the Home Heating Fund the consent to conduct a benefit check on the claimant’s behalf to formalise the process.

Simply get in touch with the Home Heating Fund and we will send your community leader or volunteers the relevant documents. Once these documents are completed by the claimant simply send them back to the Home Heating Fund via email or post.

On receiving the documents, the Home Heating Fund will get in touch with the recipient to discuss the next steps.

Survey and Installation 

The Home Heating Fund have partnered with Korrie Mechanics and Plumbing Ltd, to carry out all Scottish surveys and installations, providing accredited staff with local knowledge and a 24-hour advice line. The surveyor will be able to calculate how much funding is available to fund the boiler upgrade, on the rare occasion where the claimant may be required to contribute they are notified prior installation and are given the option to withdraw their claim at no cost. Should the claimant want to go ahead with the boiler upgrade they will receive a highly energy efficient boiler from credible manufactures such as Worcester, Ideal and Grant.

Warranty and After Care 

Every resident will receive both a 1 year installation and manufacturer warranty, and are able to contact Korrie Ltd’s 24/7 advice line and call out team.

Once the resident is completely satisfied with their boiler upgrade, our installers will leave them to enjoy the benefits of their warmer home. 

Get in touch today to find out how the Home Heating Fund can help you and your community! 

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Address: F.A.O Kathryn Wright, 7 Bede House, Tower Road, Glover Industrial Estate, Washington, NE37 2SH

* figures from Energy Saving Advice, 2017 and Energy Saving Trust, 2017

Other boiler replacement offers are available, from other installers and schemes, so always shop around, and check your installer is registered with the appropriate industry body.
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