The Land of Scotland and the Common Good – a summary of the report

The Land Reform Review Group published its report on 23 May amid a flurry of comments from those consulted by the group. Andy Wightman (writer, researcher, analyst, commentator and activist on issues of land, power, governance, democracy and money) has very helpfully compiled these in his blog, which is well worth a read if you want to ease gently into the 263 page report.

It has been a rocky road for the Land Reform Review Group which was established in July 2012 and whose final report The Land of Scotland and the Common Good was published May 2014. As there is no Executive Summary, the news section on Scottish Government’s website is a good place to start.

Some of the people and organisations who have commented on the report include: Community Land Scotland, Lesley Riddoch, Scottish Tenant Farmers Association, Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association, Scottish National Party, Scottish Land and Estates, Community Energy Scotland, Scottish Labour Party, Scottish Green Party and Lord Shrewsbury and their comments can be found on Andy’s blog.