The Scottish Government’s COP26 Update – For Civic Society 1 March, 12 – 2pm

This year’s United Nations Climate Change conference, COP26, will be a milestone in global efforts to take action on climate change.

As part of our COP26 planning and development the Scottish Government is eager to engage with stakeholders from all sectors in Scotland. Stakeholders will rightly want to use the opportunity of COP26 to exhibit their work on climate change, network with others and learn about what more needs to be done for Scotland to transition to Net Zero in a Just and fair way. Everyone has a role in making Scotland’s climate change ambitions a reality and the Scottish Government is committed to enabling opportunities for stakeholders and the general public to engage in the activity around COP.

We to develop an inclusive programme for businesses, people, and community groups from across the country. As part of this, we are holding an update and discussion on the 1st March 2021, 8 months to the day that COP26 will being. the session will bring together stakeholders interested in COP26 and exploring ways in which to engage and work together.

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