Thinking about crowdfunding your next project?

The Crowdfunder Academy would like to invite you to take part in Bootcamp 2016.

Bootcamp is an intensive three-week campaign, hosted by the Crowdfunder Academy to get your new project into shape throughout January. Day by day, industry experts will be on hand to tell the story behind the perfect Crowdfunder project, sharing the key to success.

unspecifiedThere will be daily uploads to the Crowdfunder YouTube channel, using three of the Academy team to share their experience and know-how. At the end of each week, the team will be hosting LIVE Hangouts from Crowdfunder HQ to catch up with projects, find out how everyone’s getting on and answer any tough questions.

As well as daily tutorials Crowdfunder want to be the first to show support for the great work that their projects are doing. That’s why they’re giving away £10,000 in match funding to the first 100 projects at the end of Bootcamp 2016!

The Bootcamp daily video schedule will consist of:

Jan 18th – Jan 22nd: Planning your project with Graeme Roy (Head of Projects at Crowdfunder) – daily videos

Jan 25th – Jan 29th: Creating your project with Si Walker (Head of Partnerships at Crowdfunder) – daily videos

Feb 1st – Feb 5th: Running your project with Jess Ratty (Head of Marketing at Crowdfunder) – daily videos

Jess Ratty, Head of Marketing for Crowdfunder and Academy Member said:

“Bootcamp 2016 is here to help you turn your great project into reality. Every day our Crowdfunder Academy experts are on hand you to help you plan, create and promote your perfect project so let’s work together, as a crowd, to get your idea funded in 2016!”

So if you have a project that could do with some fine tuning before going live then sign up, download your weekly session planner and spend just a couple of minutes each day this month to give yourself the best possible chance of turning your idea into reality.

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