Three Horizons Workshop

Activating People’s Assemblies From protesting to deciding: can Three Horizons Thinking open purposeful pathways to empower local People’s.

This is a free Intro to this powerful and flexible offering for people’s assemblies.

David Adams will introduce and guide us through the Three Horizons (3H) process.

3H Thinking is easy to understand. It engages everyone who participates visually, verbally, and collaboratively, making their voices welcome in an accessible, creative space.

Three Horizons can scale easily to include large groups of people to collaborate and organise their thinking around:

– where we’d like to get to – for thriving people and place (horizon 3)

– where we are now – and within that what works and what needs to change (horizon 1)

– what’s already in progress – and what else do we need to do now – to move us towards our vision (horizon 2)

This session will give an overview of the process, with practice breakouts to understand the scope of each of the horizons. It will be followed by full training in how to run 3 Horizons processes – and how to teach others – beginning in mid-August.

H3Uni is an educational enterprise dedicated to empowering people to develop the practitioner skills necessary to facilitate regenerative responses to global issues impacting in their local communities and organisations.

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