Transition Linlithgow’s peer to peer car club

Transition Linlithgow is delighted to have received funding from Carplus to develop and promote a peer to peer car club in Linlithgow over a trial period from June to September 2014. Carplus is a not-for-profit, environmental transport NGO that promotes accessible and low-carbon alternatives to traditional car use in the UK, and Transition Linlithgow is delighted to be working with them on this project.

The funding comes from the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme. Managed by Carplus and funded by Transport Scotland, the national transport agency for Scotland, the programme aims to provide communities across Scotland with a convenient and cost effective alternative to car ownership. Since 2010, the programme has funded the development of car clubs in towns and cities across Scotland. It supports the Government’s objectives of reducing carbon emissions from transport, and through the promotion of electric vehicles it supports energy efficiency. It also supports households who can’t afford to own a car or choose to live without a car, by giving them affordable access to a car only when they need it.


At a local level in Linlithgow, Transition Linlithgow works with local partners including West Lothian Council and the Linlithgow Community Development Trust to support the sustainable economic development of our town. Linlithgow has a growing air quality problem in the town centre, and we want to support the community to make sustainable travel choices where possible. Our town also has a growing number of car-free households.


A peer to peer car club – what is it?

easyCar are operating easyCar Club across the UK, the country’s only peer to peer car rental scheme currently. This is different to the ‘traditional’ concept of a car club, with branded vehicles parked in a bay, waiting to be used exclusively by car club members. The peer to peer car club uses people’s own cars (and vans) when they’re not otherwise being used. Uniquely, it provides car owners with the opportunity to make money from something they already own and pay for. By renting out your car to friends and neighbours, easyCar Club members around the UK have shown that you can earn up to £3,000 or more a year depending on how often you make your car available. Even renting a few times a year can help to offset the rising cost of motoring.


You remain in complete control as a car owner: you decide when your car is available, you can set the rental price, and you can even decide who you want to rent it to. Drivers in turn have access to a pool of local cars to rent whenever they need one. easyCar provide comprehensive insurance for every rental (so your No Claims Discount and premiums are unaffected), take care of bookings and payments, and ensure that all drivers are thoroughly vetted. All cars signed up to the scheme also benefit from free RAC breakdown cover.

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The Carplus website is also a very good one to link to directly for general info on Car Clubs in Scotland, and links to community car clubs –