Transition Scotland merges with Scottish Communities CAN

Members of Transition Scotland (TS) and Scottish Communities Climate Action Network are often one and the same, but not all members of Scottish Communities CAN are ’transitioners’ (and you don’t need to be ) and equally, not all Transitioner’s are Scottish Communities CAN members . The folks in Scottish Communities CAN and TS think it would be a mistake not to share the free resources, and TS have recently updated their website (, which includes an excellent automatic news-feed which pulls together postings from the Transition Network, Transition groups in Scotland and other sources (see: Eventually we plan to merge our ‘maps’ of groups so that we just have one resource of this kind.

Transition Scotland offers resources to guide you through processes to encourage sustainable action to be taken whilst also inspiring you to think a little bit wider than just carbon savings. It can be inspiring to think big and see how many problems can be tackled at the same time with a well planned project. What about your local economy & jobs? Are you considering how you personally are transitioning and coping with the changes taking place? The Transition Network has an international ‘hub’ model which has some financial support too. Scottish Communities CAN and TS are discussing how we could be part of that to ensure nobody feels they are operating in isolation. Scotland, like everywhere else trying to deal with climate change, needs all the help it can get.

If you wish to know more about Transition Scotland, get in touch with or

We have added some great links to Transition Scotland on our links page and further details of the Transition Network International Conference on 18th to 20th Sept can be found here