Tuesdays4Climate: Ways and Benefits of connecting to Nature during Lockdown

More than ever, now is the time to connect with Nature. Find out why and how in this webinar.

In this soothing session we’ll explore why Nature has such an effect on our health and wellbeing – and the surprising ways in which our connection with nature could hold the key to a more sustainable world.

Our special guest Osbert Lancaster from Natural Change will join us on Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 2pm to share his knowledge on the Power of Nature and he will even introduce us to a Nature meditation!

Join us to ground yourself and focus on what really matters in these emotionally turbulent times.

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1. Welcome and brief introductions from all participants

2. Overview from Osbert on the effects of Nature on us

3. Q&A

4. Introduction to Nature Meditation

5. Feedback & Discussion

After registration, you will be sent the access link to this Zoom Webinar.

Please note: While this event is free please consider making a donation to help support our operational costs and to keep the Tuesdasy4Climate Event Series running.

How can Nature help us get through the Coronavirus Lockdown?