“Tuesdays4Climate” is our new series of 12 monthly online events sharing ideas and insights into how to get better at what you are doing in your community group. The events are FREE to attend and are organised online to enable all members across Scotland to access them.

If you would like to contribute to any of the topics below or you have another interesting topic you would like to share your experience on please get in touch with Katharina.

3rd September 2019, 1-2pmHow to avoid common mistakes of community organisations – The Community Learning Exchange in action
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1st October
2019, 1-2pm
How to set up a local community garden + Community Gardener’s Question Time
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19th November 2019, 1-2pmHow to talk to our children about climate change –
a sharing space for parents
3rd December 2019, 1-2pmHow to set up a waste repair & reuse organisation – Remade Network
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14th January
2020, 1-2pm
How to become a financially sustainable community organisation  – Accelerate (formerly Enterprise Accelerator)
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4th February 2020, 1-2pmHow to make an organisation truly participative +
Sociocracy Q&A

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10th March 2020, 9-10.30amSPECIAL: How to engage citizens in Climate Action – Lessons learnt from Australia and Scotland
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12th May 2020,
Ways and Benefits of connecting to Nature during LockdownWatch the Replay (SCCAN Members only)
9th June 2020Workers rights in the Just Transition Register