We are recruiting

Thanks to support from the Scottish Government, we are excited to be able to recruit for two new roles within SCCAN:

  • Programme Manager -Regional Community Climate Action Networks
  • Climate for Change (C4C) Coordinator

The deadline for application for both roles is 12 noon on Friday 10th December 2021

  1. Programme ManagerRegional Community Climate Action Networks (Full time, fixed term role)

Scottish Government is supporting SCCAN to invest in a number of regional community climate action networks across Scotland. This is to enable consolidation and expansion of the work of existing community climate action networks and to nurture the creation of new regional networks that can support the emerging regional community climate action hubs. 

The Programme Manager will oversee and support local Network Coordinators who will be recruited initially for up to ten regions across Scotland.  The Programme Manager will oversee the launch and development of this programme and will provide coordination and support for the regional Network Coordinators whose role is to build connection and understanding across community groups and the creation of structures to enable much more strategic and collaborative approaches to facing up to the climate emergency.

Job description and information on applying:

2. Climate for Change (C4C) Coordinator (Part-time, fixed term role)

Scottish Government is supporting SCCAN to create and roll out a Climate for Change (C4C) project – using a successful approach pioneered in Australia.  This approach works by engaging friends and neighbours in conversations about, and taking action on, the climate crisis – with people they trust.  The approach and model used has proved highly effective in enabling new audiences to take action at both depth and scale.

The Climate for Change (C4C) Coordinator will be responsible for the detailed design, development and roll out of a Climate for Change programme in Scotland. 

Job description and information on applying: