What is the Highland Good Food Conversation? Martin Sherring talks about Food Alliances.

We organised a Tuesdays for Climate online workshop on 22 June 2021 where Martin Sherring, Transition Black Isle / the Pebble Trust spoke about the Highland Good Food Conferencewhich ran over five Mondays in January / February.  You can re-watch his talk HERE.

Food is clearly such a powerful outreach opportunity for those of us who seek a fairer, greener and more regenerative approach in Scotland.  Martin’s contribution made clear how this focus on Food – Food Growing, Distribution, Sales, Seasonality, Security, Enjoyment has magical powers for bringing new and different people out of the woodwork.  

Asking questions and making connections were some of the lasting outcomes of the Good Food Conference.  You can pick up some of the learnings by listening to the podcasts HERE or check out the individual initiatives:

  1. Develop a producer owned retail co-operative.
  2. Develop a Highland-wide online market / food hub.
  3. Work towards a world class restaurant sector.
  4. Develop a lobbying policy group so the Highland voice is heard.
  5. Work for every school growing, cooking & eating their own food.
  6. Develop a Highland wide community food growing network.
  7. Work to big up small farms in the Highlands.
  8. Develop a Highland Circular Food Economy / Zero Waste.
  9. Explore marketing & promoting local Highland Food as a brand.
  10. Creating a thriving ‘glasshouse’ sector in the Highlands.
  11. Seed sovereignty in the Highlands.

You can read the full event report here.