Partnership working

Scottish Communities CAN is keen to create opportunities for partnership working to tackle the barriers and challenges that community groups taking action on climate change face.

We want to ensure that the efforts of government, public sector organisations, businesses, third sector and community organisations are aligned and focussed on enabling the development of sustainable and resilient, low-carbon communities.

ScottishCommunitiesCAN/2020 Climate Group Short Life Steering Group

The 2020 Climate Group‘s aim is to contribute to the transformational change required for Scotland to progress to a low carbon economy by bringing together business, voluntary and public sectors to work together. Its membership is comprised of some of the largest businesses in Scotland, the Government, local authorities, universities, charities and SMEs.

Following an initial exploratory meeting with the 2020 Climate Group in August 2012, a short life task group has been established to put in place some pilot collaboration projects between ScottishCommunitiesCAN  and 2020 Group member organisations and to explore the best way to maintain channels of communication in future. Any SCCAN members with ideas for projects that could benefit through collaborative working with corporate sector partners are encouraged to get in touch.

2020/SCCAN Briefing Document July 2012

2020/SCCAN Workshop Mtg Note Aug 12