Widening Participation in Community Climate Action 11am-1pm Thurs 11 March

We’re keen to include more people from all walks of life in SCCAN. Please join this session 11am-1pm 11 March to explore how best to do so. Register here

About this Event

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) has 430 members: 288 groups + 149 individuals – all of whom support our vision for a just & equitable Scotland:

  • Empowered Democratic Communities
  • Effective Local Energy
  • Practical Training & Education
  • Vibrant Local Food Culture
  • Happy Healthiness
  • Local Living & Livelihoods
  • A Thriving ‘Remake’ Economy

Join us on 11am-1pm Thursday 11 March !

Book https://sccan11mar.eventbrite.co.uk and Share www.facebook.com/events/449528589822536

To achieve this vision, we work together to provide networking and training events for all interested.

We seek to expand this vision beyond current members – to groups and individuals who are not part of our existing climate action community!

Please join us for this open session looking at creating a more diverse, inclusive space working toward this vision.

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) CIC www.scottishcommunitiescan.org.uk/vision-for-scotland-2024/